What if "Papers, Please" was a Game & Watch-style handheld liquid crystal game?

Lucas Pope created passport-checking border guard-sim Papers, Please and the astounding Return of the Obra Dinn, two of the most distinctive games of the last decade. He's currently working on a virtual LCD handheld version of Papers, and the aesthetic centerpiece of it is creating a liquid crystal cut that can show many random faces.

1 No pixels. These are proper little drawings that you can turn on and off.
2 No overlapping graphics. A totally unreasonable limitation. Love it.
3 No touching graphics. Really twisting the knife.
4 Crushing framerate. Just a few fps.
5 No advanced logic. Shift registers only. Ignore this one. Maybe next time.

I always thought it would be cool to do a grid-based dungeon crawler with non-overlapping liquid crystal segmented lines, but Pope shows a rare Japanese game which is exactly that (if not quite in the Dungeon Master/Eye of the Beholder perspective I'm thinking of)