"It was cheated." MAGA activist denies Ohio's reproductive rights election victory

Voters in Ohio voted to enshrine reproductive rights in their state constitution yesterday. This victory challenged the belief system of MAGA folk, who falsely believe the majority of Americans want to become a Christian dictatorship. So today, they are employing their favorite coping mechanism — "rigged election!"

Witness right-wing activist "Coach Dave" Daubenmire's reaction to the MAGA catastrophe. Like Donald Trump, Kari Lake, and Mike Lindell, Daubenmire's ability to deny reality is mind-boggling.

"Vote Yes did not win in Ohio last night," Coach Dave insists. "It was cheated." He then shows a map of Ohio, utters some nonsensical words about cities in the state, then starts screaming in an annoyingly raspy voice about being cheated.

I didn't know anything about Coach Dave, but Knowledge Fight Wiki has this biography of the gentleman:

Coach Dave Daubenmire is the subject of Episode #238 and a few follow ups. Coach was a high school football coach in central Ohio. In 1999 the ACLU filed suit against London City School District after years of complaints that Coach Dave was proselytizing in a public school. The football team had official team prayers and he distributed evangelical literature during team events. He had several opportunities to comply with the law but he simply could not. Listening to this episode makes it clear, Coach Dave Daubenmire is an amazing zealot. He has since founded Pass the Salt Ministries. This is mainly his hate-filled, "Christian" videos, some of which include video chat guests. Also, Coach Dave's crusade against pornography is clearly a manifestation of the fact that his son is a convicted sex offender (child pornography). The ACLU statement on Coach Dave's case is a good summary of the situation