Pizza Hut pushing snake as a pizza topping

Pizza Hut in Hong Kong is now offering a pizza topped with black mushrooms, dried ham, and shredded snake. The company collaborated with a 125-year-old restaurant called Ser Wong Fun—that specializes in snake-based cuisine—to develop the new pizza recipe. Oh, it also replaces the traditional tomato sauce with abalone sauce.

From CNN:

A rich culinary culture based on snakes is common across other parts of Southeast Asia too, such as Vietnam and Thailand, where snakes are usually farmed for consumption.

"Paired with cheese and diced chicken, the snake meat becomes richer in taste," Pizza Hut Hong Kong said in a statement before the dish went on sale last week, adding that the "nourishing" meat "can boost blood circulation" – a common belief in traditional Chinese medicine.

Given that rattlesnake dishes aren't uncommon in the southwestern US and Appalachia, maybe Pizza Hut will test the snake pizza here as well.