Terrified feral cat learns to cuddle with his new very patient human (video)

Anyone who has tried to befriend a feral cat will know it ain't easy. In fact, I've tried a few times myself but never got past the stage of just leaving food out for the feisty little scratchers to enjoy in peace. So I was quite intrigued when I came across Bruce the Bobcat on TikTok — and his very patient human who shows us "how he went from sleeping in the dirt to sleeping on my face."

Granted, she says it took her a year and a half before Bruce completely trusted her, but in just a few minutes she explains her process, with video (see below) that shows each step of the way.

In a nutshell, Bruce went from eating outside with the door closed to eating outside with the door cracked open … to eating inside treats by the door to eating out of her gloved hand … to accepting sneaky petting while he was eating to enjoying a long-handled back-scratcher … to exploring a room when nobody was around to jumping into bed with his human … And it goes on until Bruce gets to the point where even other people can now pet the once terrified wildcat. A fun watch indeed.

Via ParadePets
Front page thumbnail image: Prezoom.nl / shutterstock.com