Cats wearing hats made from their own cat hair

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Cat enjoys playing Super Mario

This cat sure appears to be having a fun time. Read the rest

DIY: Feral cat Shelters from coolers

Oh, I am seriously here for this DIY-maker-recycling project that's all about giving street kitties safe homes. Wow this is cool.

Making feral cat shelters from an old cooler.

Says IMGURian @petsncharge, “Cat Tested and Approved Shelters.”

We designed and built these durable cat shelters-Donating to the many Rescues that need them for the Homeless Cats they care for...TomTom Tests each new Design

So cool. Watch the whole video.

Cat Tested and Approved Shelters

This is the QA tester!

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Watch 12-week-old kitten take 'coffee break'

This adorable 12-week-old kitten needed a snooze during their little 'coffee break.' Read the rest

Cat revealed to be total dingus

And we love them for it. Read the rest

Bunny comes to the rescue of his kitty pal

Cats have a tendency to fit themselves into places that they have a hard time getting out of: behind refrigerators, the highest branches of a tree or, in this case, underneath a shed. Fortunately, for this kitteh, a bunny was on standby to help extricate it from its self-imposed prison. Read the rest

Kitty who don't fits can't sits

Speaking from experience, a few extra pounds makes everything worse. Read the rest

Mystery kitty pops out of vent of woman's house

A woman who goes by @brenaclifton on Twitter insists she doesn't have a cat, but was greeted by this cute kitty who popped out of the vent on the floor of her house. Just passing through!

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Not just kittens... Maine Coon kittens

Monday is hard to Monday.

I've only had 2 cats I've ever liked. Both of them were Maine Coons.

Dillinger and I were brought together when I saw a beautiful litter of cats for sale at a pet shop mere steps away from a friends apartment. I was supposed to be helping that friend move, but his apartment was filthy and he never cleaned up after his birds. I decided to buy a kitten and go home. Dillinger was a Maine Coon. He thought he was a dog. I had lucked into the best cat ever.

I do not know what happened to Dillinger. Years later, Willie, a cat my then-wife had brought into our combined home was torturing pobrecito Dill and creating an untenable situation. No one would take our mean cat, but my then-wife had no problem finding a home for such a beautiful cat as Dillinger. I hope he made out well. I will always feel bad about that but we didn't want to kill .

I never wanted another cat! I still do not. At a time I was looking for a new dog, my daughter insisted on a WHITE FLUFFY CAT TO CUDDLE IN HER SLEEP. Always the sucker, I called Maine Coon Adoptions in Oakland, CA. They found us a loveable, suped-up hepcat from the Oaktown. Only problem was my daughter failed to mention she NEEEDED a girl cat and a boy could not be named PRINCESS. She named him Heart, cause that is masculine enough. Read the rest

Kitten-cam captures sleepy kittens exiting their cute little house, one by one

Big Kitten is watching you. Read the rest