Ron DeSantis is close to rock bottom in new poll — even lower than Chris Christie

Even heel lifts can't help presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has plummeted so low in New Hampshire, he's even below Chris Christie in the most recent Emerson College poll. Meanwhile, Nikki Haley has surged to second spot.

"He came to the scene as someone who was supposed to be all the things you love about Donald Trump, but better packaging. And he's failed to deliver on that promise," political analyst Scott Spradling said about the short-tempered Florida man, via WMUR9. "Lackluster debate performances and some questionable behind-the-scenes campaign resource decisions have sort of led him to never really picking up any momentum."

According to an Emerson College Polling post on X (see below), Trump is far ahead of the pack in the Granite State at 49%, with Nikki Haley next at 18%. Trailing behind is Chris Christie at 9% — and finally there's DeSantis, nipping at Christie's footprints at only 7% — a far cry from the 17% he once held in the state. (Vivek Ramaswamy is last among the so-called contenders at a mere 5%.)

The New Hampshire presidential primary — the nation's first — will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024.