FBI: Miami cop stole cash and drugs during traffic stops

The FBI arrested Frenel Cenat, 40, on Thursday and charged the Miami police officer with stealing cash and drugs from people he stopped while on the job—and that's just the beginning of officer Cenat's problems. Counts include extortion, theft of government funds, attempted possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

The FBI began their investigation into him after a confidential source told them Cenat had previously conducted traffic stops of people known to have just engaged in drug transactions to steal the money or drugs they were transporting, the affidavit said. Cenat would use his official police vehicle to conduct the traffic stops and would be in his police uniform, the affidavit said. Cenat was recorded on video and audio "coordinating schemes and conducting traffic stops of two individuals who he was told had just engaged in drug transactions, with the intention of stealing the money and/or drugs involved in those illegal transactions," the affidavit said.

A part of being a successful bad cop is not being such a full-bore asshole that the crooks you work with go to other police to have you dealt with.