Republican state senator does deeply cringey Yoda impression on stage at Trump rally (video)

At Saturday's Trump rally in Ford Dodge, Iowa, Republican State Representative Mike Sexton impressed the impressionable crowd with his absolutely idiotic—and badly done—Yoda impression.

"Mmm the dark side is very powerful in Biden," Sexton said from the stage. "Crooked is he. Your country, he does not care. The force is strong in Trump. Win he must. Help him, you can. Caucus for him, you shall. For without his victory, all hope is lost."

Mark Hamill had the perfect response on X: "The Cringe is strong with this one."

Indeed. And, after all, Yoda's creator George Lucas is a lifelong progressive and Star Wars is (ahem) a warning about dictatorships:

"It was really about the Vietnam War, and that was the period where Nixon was trying to run for a [second] term, which got me to thinking historically about how do democracies get turned into dictatorships?" Lucas once said. "Because the democracies aren't overthrown; they're given away."

(Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)