Speaker Mike Johnson said his high school friend group would have faked being trans to get into girls' locker room

House Speaker Mike Johnson, known for his Christian nationalist leanings and a peculiar fascination with monitoring others' sexual activities, said in a 2016 radio interview that he opposes school accommodations for trans students.

His reasoning, as he explained on KEEL news, was based on his high school experiences. "Gender identity, no one knows what that means, and even an effort to define it can cause more problems. So, yeah, look Robert, I went to Captain Shreve High School. I graduated in 1990. My crew, my boys, I mean look. I can tell you, they would've said, 'Hey, next Thursday is gender identity day, man. You know, we're going to self-identify as girls, and we're going to be in the other locker room.' It opens it up to high jinks and all sorts of problems."

From Meidas Touch:

Johnson is revealing that his high school crew would have falsely claimed trans status to spy on teenage girls undressing and showering in their locker rooms. In other words, Johnson is arguing that because the high school friend group he belonged to were a bunch of perverts that he believes would have been willing to lie in order get access to teenage girls showering, trans students shouldn't be offered accommodations.