Watch MAGA Mike Johnson call Trump "a hardened criminal"(video)

MAGA Mike and the Orange Menace got together to discuss stealing an election. During their press conference, Johnson referred to Trump as a criminal.

Trump's first criminal trial starts on Monday!


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More fun than watching the Speaker of the House create a great video clip, however, is watching these guys try to explain away Marge Taylor Greene's refusal to stop threatening Mikey's job:

Former President Donald Trump's "election security" press conference at Mar-a-Lago with House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) was a big blow to one person in particular, suggested CNN's Kaitlan Collins: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Greene has been spearheading threats to move to vacate the chair, toppling Johnson from power the exact same way Kevin McCarthy was — and yet, noted Collins, here is Trump by Johnson's side, effectively giving him his own vote of confidence and potentially taking the wind out of that effort.

"Obviously, he said a lot of a harsh things, and some false things, things that are braggadocious, he might say," said anchor Jake Tapper. "What's your take on what we just heard?"