Netflix 'Squid Game' injures 3 players who seek medical care — 2 threaten to sue

Netflix may have taken their new series, Squid Game: The Challenge, a little too literally — at least according to two contestants of the new reality game show, who say they were left with serious injuries and are threatening to sue.

The two contestants complained of sustaining nerve damage and hypothermia after taking part in the game that was based on the South Korean 2021 Squid Game horror series, according to HuffPost. One of the players claim they "had to stay motionless for hours in cold temperatures while filming," and that the "Red Light, Green Light" game (based on the fictional series' deadly competition of the same name) was so brutal, three of the competitors ended up seeking medical attention.

From HuffPost:

[Express Solicitors law firm CEO Daniel] Slade added that they have sent letters of claim to Studio Lambert, a company who co-produced the Netflix show, accusing them of not adhering to high health and safety standards on set. … "Contestants thought they were taking part in something fun and those injured did not expect to suffer as they did."

The participants, according to Deadline, specifically took issue with "Red Light, Green Light," filmed in Bedford, England, where they had to cross a path without being noticed by a robot doll. Earlier this year, Netflix acknowledged that three of 456 people received medical attention after participating in that game. …

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Wednesday, which did not address the letters of claim, John Hay, a Studio Lambert executive producer, addressed reports that the participants were put through tough conditions during the challenges, saying they took all "appropriate measures" to ensure the safety of players.

Stephen Lambert, a fellow executive producer at the company, told the outlet that while he acknowledged there were challenging moments during the show, "We're giving away the largest prize in TV competition history. It wasn't going to be a walk in the park to win $4.56 million."

The first five episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge were released on Wednesday, and four more will be released on November 29. (See trailer below, posted by Netflix.)