New York mayor Eric Adams accused of 1993 sexual assault

New York mayor Eric Adams sexually assaulted a collegue when they were both cops in 1993, according to a lawsuit filed yesterday there. The filing comes as the state's 1-year-window to file historical sexual misconduct claims comes to an end; also sued in the law's last hours is music mogul Sean "Puffy" Combsagain—among others.

The summons comes as Adams, who was elected in 2021, faces scrutiny from the FBI, which is reportedly investigating his campaign. Its inquiry reportedly focuses on whether Adams' campaign unlawfully accepted money from the Turkish government in exchange for favors, such as pressuring the New York City fire department to speed up the opening of a Turkish consulate.On 2 November, federal agents raided the home of Adams' top fundraiser, Brianna Suggs, seizing electronic devices and documents. The FBI also reportedly searched a Turkish Airlines executive's home, as well as Brooklyn construction company owned by Turkish immigrants; the executive and company had both fundraised for Adams.

If you're looking at this expiring New York law and thinking "surely Terry Richardson is being sued," you would be right.