Santos slaps MAGA lawmaker with unsavory label after being called a "crook" (video)

With nothing left to lose, you can't expect Congressliar George Santos to take criticism from his colleagues lying down. In fact, when MAGA Rep. Max Miller (OH) called him out today for what he is — "a crook" — Santos shot back even harder with a label Miller would just as soon like to forget.

The dirty exchange began today on the House floor during the Santos expulsion debate. "I myself have been a victim of George Santos…in terms of defrauding through public donations," the Republican lawmaker — who donated thousands of dollars to the New York fraudster — confessed, before saying to Santos, with pointed finger, "You sir, are a crook."

Of course Santos did not take kindly to the truth, and immediately called out Miller for what he has been accused of by his former girlfriend, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

"My colleague wants to come up here and call me a crook. Same colleague who is accused of being a woman beater." (See video below, posted by Acyn.) Yep. Welcome to the United States Congress, my friends.