Expelled! Congressliar George Santos was kicked out of the House

Ex-Congressliar George Santos has been expelled. This makes the New York fraudster the sixth lawmaker in U.S. history to be kicked out of the House, but the first who wasn't a convict (yet) or accused of treason.

The vote this morning turned out 311 yeas to oust Santos and 114 nays — and two members were marked as present. (See Speaker Mike Johnson announce the results in the video below, posted by Acyn.)

From The New York Times:

Representative George Santos, the New York Republican whose tapestry of lies and schemes made him a figure of national ridicule and the subject of a 23-count federal indictment, was expelled from Congress on Friday after a bipartisan vote by his peers.

The move consigned Mr. Santos, who over the course of his short political career invented ties to the Holocaust, Sept. 11 and the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, to a genuine place in history: He is the first person to be expelled from the House without first being convicted of a federal crime or supporting the Confederacy.

Two staff members inside Santos's field office in Douglaston, Queens, watched the vote go down on a computer. Through the window, reporters could see his district director, Mark Woolley, bring his hand to his forehead and shake his head. He walked to the back of the office before preparing to come out and deliver a statement to the reporters outside.