Fugitive kangaroo punches cop in the face

Last week, a pair of kangaroos were on their way in a truck to a zoo in Quebec, Canada when they stopped at the Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm for a rest stop. That's when one of the kangaroos "jumped over" its handler and raced off into the night. A search party of animal experts and volunteers pursued the marsupial over the weekend but couldn't locate it.

"I think she would have been quite scared," Oshawa Zoo keeper Cameron Preyde said. "This is an animal … that has been used to having humans around taking care of her."

Finally at 3am this morning, police officers spotted the fugitive on a local farm and spent hours "keep(ing) eyes on it." Eventually, the kangaroo's handlers showed up and grabbed the animal by the tail. Apparently it was none-to-thrilled because it socked one of the cops right in the face.

"It's something that he and his platoon mates will be remembering for the rest of their careers," Staff Sgt. Chris Boileau said.

I regret to inform that there is no video of the incident.

From CBC:

…Wild kangaroos are "very industrious" animals that find food and water wherever they can in the harsh environment of the Australian outback, and Preyde said her natural instincts likely served her well while on the loose.

The kangaroo will stay at the Oshawa Zoo until she's deemed ready to continue her journey.

"We're going to keep her here for a little while longer, let her rest up and make sure she is safe," Preyde said.

As Toronto Zoo CEO Dolf Dejong awaits the animal's arrival, he notes that "there are questions to be asked about secondary perimeter fences and what type of care was going on, because this particular animal shouldn't have been in that position."

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