Penalties loom: fraud judgment upheld as Trump blows gasket

Out-on-bail fraudster Donald Trump decided to return to his fraud trial on the day a New York Court of Appeals upheld the summary judgment of fraud against his family-run business. Having told his man-child Eric not to testify in their defense, Trump senior can only have shown up to yell at the cameras outside the courthouse and grandstand.


On Thursday afternoon, MSNBC legal reporter Lisa Rubin tweeted that appellate judges denied Trump's request to stay (or halt) Judge Arthur Engoron's ruling in favor of New York Attorney General Letitia James, who won a summary judgment in September in her initial claim that Trump committed "pervasive, widespread fraud in financial statements." She linked to a copy of the appellate judges' ruling in the initial post.

"What that means practically is that the provisions of the below order are enforceable and that if [independent financial monitor Judge Barbara Jones] is the agreed-upon receiver, Trump and his co-defendants owe her a bunch of information and advanced notice about their ownership structure and future activity," Rubin added in a separate tweet, which showed a screenshot of an October order from Judge Engoron.

Trump's first tirade is built on panicked babble and makes little sense. It will be interesting to see how he declines as the day progresses.