"I couldn't believe the amount" — American Airlines passenger's bags drenched in vomit

American Airlines passenger Nicole Schreib says a drunk passenger seated in front of her vomited on her carry-on baggage. She claims the airline crew allowed the passenger to board even though they knew she was intoxicated.

"@AmericanAir allowed this intoxicated, verbally abusive woman on my flight despite removing one of her friends," Schreib tweeted. "Here she is calling the two men in her aisle "pu**ies" prior to puking on the floor and my bags – $50 credit is all they offered as compensation."

An American Airlines representative on Twitter replied, "Customer Relations has the final say in these matters. Please reach out to them directly for any further discussion."

From Business Insider:

Schreib boarded her flight with her fiancé, and one of the women from the restroom took a seat in front of them. She watched the woman start conversing with the men in her row.

"She's slurring her words and can barely talk," Schreib said. "This woman should not be on this plane. I was concerned, honestly."

The flight took off, Schreib said. Later, she said she noticed that the two men seated with the intoxicated passenger relocated to other seats.

"Then I became aware of a vile smell. I thought, 'Oh god she must be getting sick,'" Schreib said.

Flight attendants came over and offered the passenger ginger ale and water. Schreib said she assumed the woman was using an airplane vomit bag.

As the plane neared landing, Schreib grabbed her canvas tote that was stored underneath the seat in front of her and discovered it was covered in vomit. So was her purse.

"I couldn't believe the amount," Schreib said.