Bull on the loose running along tracks at Newark's Penn Station (video)

A bull was on the loose at Newark's Penn Station, and that's no BS.

The bull, who came out of nowhere, was first spotted around 10:30am today running along the train tracks. The unusual sighting caused 45-minute delays for some commuters, according to ABC News, and although it's still unclear who the unticketed passenger belongs to, officials were able to transport him to an animal sanctuary after subduing him with a tranquilizer. (See video below, posted by Moshe Schwartz.) From ABC News:

"And I looked out the window and it was there, it was just kind of trotting down the track there," said Neptune resident Jason Monticelli. "I thought maybe it was a Red Bulls PR stunt or something like that, considering the stadium was right there. But yeah, he was just trotting along. We were just trying to figure out what where it came from."

Police responded to Frelinghuysen Avenue near Victoria Street before multiple agencies eventually found the animal and corralled it inside a fenced lot near Newark Liberty International Airport.

No injuries were reported throughout the incident.