Election meddlers' apology letters reveal shocking lack of remorse

As part of their plea agreement for attempting to undermine the 2020 Presidential election and to install Trump as an unelected dictator, Kenneth Chesebro, Sidney Powell, and Scott Hall were ordered to write apology letters.

Bail bondsman Scott Hall's apology for his role in disrupting the Fulton County election in Georgia was a typical 'mistakes were made but I don't really think I did anything that bad' letter, often written by people who are sorry they got caught:

To the Citizens of the State of Georgia:

I owe you an apology.

I wish I had never involved myself in the post-election activities that brought me before the court. I have never before been in trouble with the law and I meant no harm to anyone.

I did what I did on my own. I was not acting on behalf of any organization or any other person or persons.

I became involved when I observed what I thought were some irregularities which I reported to law enforcement authorities. I was concerned. I went to the State Farm Arena on election night, to the subsequent recounts as an observer and was ultimately invited to Coffee County. Although I certainly did not mean to violate any laws, I now realize that I did and have accepted responsibility for my actions.

I offer my sincere apology to the Citizens of the State of Georgia.

On the other hand, wacko MAGA lawyers Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro's apology letters are just one-sentence, lacking even a shred of remorse, given the magnitude of their crime.

Powell's letter, in its entirety, robotically said "I apologize for my actions in connection with the events in Coffee County."

Chesebro's is almost as terse: "I apologize to the citizens of the State of Georgia and of Fulton County for my involvement in Count 15 of the indictment," it says.

Additionally, they each lose a letter grade for poor penmanship.