Trump promises a "unus economy" if elected

At his rally in Coralville, Iowa, yesterday, Donald Trump failed to mention the stock market reaching an all-time high earlier that day, a steep drop in inflation, and a massive increase in new jobs, all under the Biden administration.

Instead, Trump told his worshippers that he would deliver unto them a "unus economy" when he is made President. The crowd erupted in applause.

What is a unus ecomony? Here are three competing theories:

In Latin, "unus" ameans "one," which is how the MAGA media machine could spin it. "President Trump is going to make the American economy, the number one economy in all the world."

Or Trump could be referring to Unus the Untouchable, a Marvel supervillain "named for his ability to consciously project an invisible force field which protects him from harm." [Wikipedia] "Under President Trump the American economy, will be untouchable."

Perhaps he was paying homage to the famed circus performer Unus, "the man who stands on his forefinger." "President Trump is so powerful, he will bring Joe Biden's disasterous econonomy to heel with one finger."

No matter what he meant, the MAGA media machine will say, he said it on purpose to own the libs.

Enjoy this lowlight reel from the rally, courtesy Meidas Touch: