RFK Jr. gets proven a liar in comical shut down by CNN host (video)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Democrat-turned-Independent anti-vaxxer running for president, tried to cover up his inner QAnon today when he flat-out lied about his lies about vaccines. But CNN's Kasie Hunt comically set the record straight in three seconds flat with a handy clip of Kennedy's past words.

The humorous exchange began when Hunt asked him a simple question: "Over the summer, you said in an interview, 'There's no vaccines that are safe or effective.' Do you still believe that?"

"I never said that…" the Q-peddler began. But the no-nonsense host pointed her finger and immediately cut him off, saying to both him and her production team, "We have the clip. Please play the clip."

And there it was, JFK Jr. spouting off what his strange little conspiratorial base wanted to hear: "There's no vaccine that's safe and effective." Done. If only all delusional Q-nuts were so easy to shut down.