Homophobic Bridget Ziegler should be fired for being bad at at her job, not for having sex with a woman, says former student [video]

Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler is one of those curious people who espouse hateful anti-LGBT views while engaging in LGBT sex themselves. All the members of Sarasota's School Board have voted to dump her (Ziegler cast the sole opposing vote), but here's a former Sarasota student who spoke at a public comments hearing explaining why Ziegler shouldn't be fired for her hypocrisy, but for her terrible record.

Here's what he said:

Bridget, our first ever interaction was when you retweeted a hate article about me from The Nationalist while I was a Sarasota County school student. You are a reminder that some people view politics as a service to others, while some view it as an opportunity for themselves. On this board, you have spent public funds that could have been used increase teacher pay to change our district lines for political gain, remove books from schools, target Trans and Queer children, erase Black history, and elevate your political career, all while sending your children to private schools because you do not believe in the public school system that you've been leading. My question is why doesn't an elected official using our money to harm our students and our teachers for her gain seem to matter as much to us as her having a threesome does? Bridget Ziegler, you do not deserve to be on the Sarasota County School Board. But you do not deserve to be removed from it for having a threesome. That defeats the lesson we've been trying to teach you, which is that a politician's job is to serve their community not to police personal lives. So to be extra clear, Bridget, you deserve to be fired from your job because you are terrible at your job, not because you had sex with a woman.