Tucker Carlson calls for jailing Dallas stadium architect

In keeping with the time-honored fascist tradition of persecuting artists who do not conform to the Nazi ideal of classical beauty, Tucker Carlson is demanding to know why the architect who designed a stadium in Dallas hasn't been arrested, tried, and imprisoned because it looks like a giant Costco warehouse.

Here's a video clip of a recent conversation between Tucker and some kind of art expert who seems to think architects are still designing postmodern buildings.

"Art is dead," declares the expert, with an air of profound finality. "I mean if you just look at the architecture of buildings now — it's postmodernism — it's ugly. They just built the new Globe Life park here for the Rangers, and it literally looks like a Costco. It's a billion dollar Costco. I mean, there's nothing ornate about it, nothing pretty. It's literally that, so I think you are right, I think we're getting dumber. It's like the movie —"

Before he gets the chance to say the name of the movie (one can only assume it's the pro-eugenics film Idiocracy), Carlson interrupt him with a screed worthy of Joseph Goebbels, if Goebbels were a character in Idiocracy.

"But can I can I just ask you one thing? No, it's like, so that park — I haven't seen your park in Dallas that was just built, but I will. But, like, we know who built that. We know who designed it. We know who the architect is. And you spend a billion dollars building a public work, which is effectively what that is. And you destroy a city with that and you degrade people and you detract from their lives with the ugliness that you create, and you don't get arrested and sentenced to prison? I don't understand that. I mean, we're sending people to prison for all kinds of things. A thousand people after January 6, but the architect who wrecked Dallas doesn't go to prison? I mean, I'm serious. Like I think we're looking at this wrong."

When Carlson says he's serious, believe him.

Just another free-speech champion pushing his agenda of cultural control and repression to ensure that all forms of creative expression meet MAGA standards.

That said, wow, the Globe Life Field is ugly: