Biden team compares Trump to Nazis with "TRUMP PARROTS HITLER" post

President Biden took off the gloves yesterday, calling out Donald Trump for what he was — a pro-Hitler, anti-American fascist — both on Fox News and on X. While telling a Fox reporter before boarding Air Force One that Donald Trump was an insurrectionist, his campaign posted a graphic on X titled "TRUMP PARROTS HITLER."

The graphic then compared three near-verbatim Trump quotes to words plucked from the writings and speeches of Adolph Hitler, such as: (Trump) "We will root out" my political opponents that "live like vermin" within our country." (Hitler) Jews are "vermin" and "pests" that must be "exterminated." And (Trump) Immigrants are "poisoning the blood of our country." (Hitler) "Contamination of the blood" by an "inferior race" will lead to the fall of Germany.

"This is not a coincidence," the Biden campaign warned above the graphic. Meanwhile, Trump continues to deny any correlation between his authoritarian, pro-Nazi stance and those of Hitler.

From Politico:

Comparing a political opponent to Hitler was once nearly verboten in political campaigns. But it has become routine for the Biden operation, which notes that historians themselves have said Trump's rhetoric echoes that of fascist leaders. The Biden campaign has linked Trump's statements to Hitler multiple times in the past few weeks and has urged reporters to more closely scrutinize the former president's speeches, particularly around immigration.

Trump has scoffed at the comparison. But he has not backed away from his comments. At a rally on Tuesday, he once again said immigrants are "destroying the blood of our country" and added that he had "never read 'Mein Kampf" — Hitler's manifesto.

The Biden camp didn't let that slide. "Probably the audiobook then," responded spokesman TJ Ducklo, over X .