MAGAville tries to cancel Black History Month (and others)

In a clear demonstration of why we need Black History, Women's History, and Pride months, four Huntington Beach, California, city council members are trying to ban them.

Never forget that California has just as many book banning MAGA extremists as the rest of the country. Huntington Beach has four city council members who want to cancel Black History, Women's History, and Pride Month. They've already worked to remove the Pride flag from any city-owned property and set up a new committee to monitor and ban books at the public library!

The southern California city of Huntington Beach, a bastion of conservative voters, has made the move to block diverse monthlong celebrations of Black history, women's history and Pride, in favor of observing the revolutionary and civil wars, California's history and America's independence.

An agenda item introduced on 19 December forbids any programming that pertains to previously established honorary celebrations for women, people of color and LGBTQ+ groups from taking place on city-owned property, including libraries, or of being featured in city communications such as social media posts, according to Natalie Moser, a city council member who voted against the action.

This means that programming meant to acknowledge and teach the history of historically marginalized groups such as Black Americans and LGBTQ+ people will be replaced by "content" about local railroad and surfing history and a monthlong tribute to the discovery of oil in Huntington Beach called Black Gold Jubilee, according to the agenda item's language

The Guardian