Spotify's chief mansplainer does an abrupt about-face when told he just called out his cult leader

Watch Spotify's chief mansplainer change his tune when it is pointed out that the joke he just made about Biden was mocking Trump.

This video of Spotify's highest-paid podcaster is like watching a clown show. A former reality TV host who fed people worms makes uninformed jokes about the sitting President of the United States. When told the person who said the dumb thing was his cult leader and that President Biden was just making the same joke the podcaster was going for, suddenly the tables turned. Now the dumb thing isn't so dumb.

This is the conservative playbook these days. What he said on video 2 minutes beforehand isn't what he said. The gaslighting is real.


"He was referencing Trump saying that."

The trio then enjoyed a video clip of the quote, which dates back to an Independence Day speech Trump made in 2019 behind a shield of bullet-proof glass.

"In June of 1775 the Continental Congress created a unified Army out of the Revolutionary Forces encamped around Boston and New York, and named after the great George Washington, commander in chief," Trump said.

"Our Army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over airports, it did everything it had to do and at Ft. McHenry under the rocket's red glare had nothing but victory."

As Raw Story felt compelled to point out at the time: "In 1775 there were no aircraft nor were there airports."

Faced with this fact check, Rogan admitted his mistake then made a quick pivot to defend the former president, saying it was clearly a mistake.