An adorable opossum named Maggie receives the gift of mobility from "Walkin' Pets"

This is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen! Check out this adorable opossum named Maggie who recently received some new wheels from a company called Walkin' Pets, which creates mobility devices for all kinds of creatures, including dogs, goats, ducks, opossums, and more! 

Maggie, a rescued opossum who is unable to live in the wild, is a resident and animal ambassador at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, Florida, where she is taken care of by their team of Naturalists. The MOSH Facebook provides more details about Maggie's "hot new wheels":

Walkin' Pets generously donated a custom-fitted wheelchair for Maggie, who once again has the freedom to roam, sniff, and spread joy during her daily walks. The wheelchair has significantly enhanced Maggie's quality of life, and we at the Museum, are truly grateful for the donation . . . 

In recent months Maggie has been grappling with the challenges that come with her advancing years, dealing with osteoarthritis in her spine and hips. Her condition worsened following her second surgery to remove large non-malignant growths from her arms, making it very difficult for her to move without assistance.

Maggie is currently undergoing laser therapy at the Exotic Bird Hospital, where Dr. Smith generously donated 10 sessions. Additionally, she receives daily physical therapy from her keepers to help her regain mobility and maintain muscle mass, which is going extremely well thanks to the wheelchair donated by Walkin' Pets.

To learn more about Walkin' Pets and to see more of the wonderful animals they've helped, check out their Facebookwebsite, or TikTok