Trump lawyer shamelessly says it doesn't matter if Trump is guilty of insurrection (video)

Like any good fascist, Trump lawyer Christina Bobb just leveled up, both admitting the MAGA cult leader might well be guilty of insurrection and then saying it doesn't matter whether Donald Trump broke the law or not. Insurrectionists should be allowed to run for president, Bobb suggested, the Constitution (and the soul of the U.S.) be damned.

"[T]he president is elected by the entire nation and it should be the entire nation who determines who they want for president, whether they're guilty of insurrection or not," she said yesterday on the far-right QAnon channel, Real America's Voice. "It's up to the people." (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

When Trump first took office in 2017, Medium writer Alastair Somerville described the two stages of a fascist takeover: "Fascism moves slowly through populism, making it seem necessary and legitimate, and then quickly through the means of power and control." It looks like the brainwashed MAGA cult is now knocking on the front door of Fascism Part 2.