A dog who caused $350k in damage tearing up a car dealership is up for adoption

ABC13 News shares the fate of two dogs who caused around $350k in damage to a car dealership.

Dogs are an impressive force of nature. My Cavalier King Charles has marked up my kitchen cabinets from pawing at them for snacks. These not-so-good boys seem to do a job on that car, tearing the bumper off. Luckily, the dealership worked with local animal control, and both the doggos were apprehended. Seems one is already cleared for adoption, and the other is "under observation.


Fakhoury said the dogs were scaring off customers and employees.

"(I) just want all my customers to know that everything is taken cared of, and you know, we feel for these dogs, to be honest. But they are in good hands, so we don't have to worry about them right now. They can be adopted, or whatever the city of Houston wants to do," Fakhoury said.

A BARC spokesperson said Dasher was cleared by medical staff and showed no signs of aggression towards people, so he's adoptable.

His co-conspirator is safe but still being evaluated and waiting on a name.

Fakhoury wished them the best, chalking this up to a bizarre life lesson in problem solving.

"We have never seen something like this – dogs attacking cars and causing damage, but things happen, and there's always a solution for everything," Fakhoury said.

Employees at BARC theorized the dogs were chasing cats that were hiding under the cars.

These dogs probably aren't great for a home with cats, but maybe if you want to remodel?