This cheeky Highland Cow doesn't want to share any pumpkin with his brother

We've brought you content from Ozzy Man Reviews in the past, and I'm back with another one of his funny videos. This time, Ozzy Man (who is an Australian comedian named Ethan Marrell) is taking on the persona of a Highland Cow named Rocco who is absolutely delighted to eat some pumpkin—and to keep it all to himself without sharing it with his brother Sunny. The commentary is hilarious, and the footage of the Highland Cows munching on pumpkin is just adorable.

If you want to see more footage of Rocco and Sunny, who live in Tasmania, Australia, head over to their TikTok, where their human, Erin, documents all of their fluffy adventures. 

And for more of the always amusing Ozzy Man, here's his TikTok.


Here's me commentary on some hungry highland cattle 🔊🎙 source video @Erin #ozzyman #ozzymanreviews #funny #wildlife #highlandcow

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