This donkey goes wild for rubber squeaky toys!

Meet Donkey, a donkey who absolutely adores playing with squeaky toys. Donkey lives with his human, Debbie Schluterman, who documents his adventures on TikTok. After seeing how much Donkey enjoys toys, people from all over the world began sending him more, and now he has an endless supply, much to his delight.

In this video, for example, you can see Donkey playing with a large rubber squeaky chicken. After getting some head scratches, Debbie demonstrates how to make the chicken squawk, and throws it into Donkey's enclosure. He first investigates, and then picks it up in his mouth as he bites it and causes it to scream. He then turns in circles as he continues squeezing the chicken to make it scream—as he wags his tail in pure joy. 

It's so fun to watch him playing—I've never seen a donkey so excited! Enjoy!