Halo Season 2 trailer promises a live-action "Fall of Reach"

Halo's "Fall of Reach" is some of the best storytelling a game property has known; it looks like the heartbreaking struggle to certain doom will translate well into live-action.

I loved playing through the early Halo games. Master Chief was once a fantastic video game hero, but the two titles that broke off from the main, numerically indicated storyline, ODST and Reach, were even more engaging. Reach is the pivotal moment in the Haloverse where unknown aliens surprise attack one of humanity's core worlds en mass. The humans lose big. Only Master Chief escapes to discover the Halo, thus beginning game 1.

I only got one or two episodes into Halo and forgot about season one. I hope to see the NOBLE Team in action and my favorite Haloverse hero, Noble-6. They seemed actually more Master Chief than the Chief himself. Even though NOBLE team was doomed from the start, losing each team member, and finally Reach itself was an experience when I played through years ago.