'Halo Infinite' seeks to redeem the franchise

A legendary video game franchise pretty much flushed a 15-year legacy down the toilet with 2015's "Halo 5: Guardians." This next installment will hopefully erase the bitter memory of the game where the UNSC ever doubted gaming's greatest hero: the Master Chief, Spartan John-117.

Locke, the dude who tried to hunt down the Chief, should just be forgotten, an ignored and forgotten storyline. The Chief and Cortana are all we need, and maybe a Keyes relative of some sort. Read the rest

Halo 5 is here

Last night at midnight, Halo 5 launched. Will this be the last epic adventure for video gaming's mightiest champion? The Master Chief is back, but all the cockamamie advertising colors our hero as the bad guy.

I wish I could tell you if this game is any good! I've certainly been waiting a long time to play it! I purchased my Xbox One at launch, anticipating that Halo 5 would shortly follow. My Xbox has been around for two years now, with nary a Chief sighting. I could have played the Master Chief collection, but I heard poor reviews of its translation to the Xbox One.

The only game I've really enjoyed in the interim has been Destiny, which was developed by Halo creators Bungie. There is no small amount of question, in my online Destiny circles, around Halo killing Destiny. Destiny has also felt like Halo, without the amazing backstory and hero. Bungie is creating a backstory, and thus far it is pretty much a dud. The game play, and its mesh of FPS with MMO queues, like farming (sigh) are addictive but it is not Halo. I miss stickies. I long to gloriously dual wield the needler, or have a hell bent for leather Warthog chase! Will Halo 5 kill Destiny?

Large online teams of 12 players, mashed with an insane gameplay frame rate, and 4 player campaign mode all sound wonderful! I'm far more interested in the story, however. I have not read any Halo fiction, I have simply played the games, and the Master Chief is my ultimate video game hero. Read the rest

Halo 5's cinematic opening

Can the Halo series survive without the Master Chief and Cortana? Halo 5 introduces Fireteam Osiris, a new team of Spartan-IV heroes, but will we care? Read the rest