Hunter Biden's daughter trolls "lying" Marjorie Taylor Greene on X

Hunter Biden really hit a sore spot with Marjorie Taylor Greene on Wednesday. Not only did the Georgia Qongresswoman fume after the president's son ditched her at a congressional committee (see last video below, posted by Acyn), and not only did she proceed to whip out naked photos of him (again) on the House floor, she also then took to X with a big "WOW."

"WOW – Hunter Biden fled the scene when I started exposing the truth behind the Biden Crime Family," the stung Madge angrily tweeted. "Too bad his daddy can't save him this time. We have mountains of evidence of Biden family corruption and foreign influence peddling and there will be accountability for these crimes."

And her explosive Xitting provoked a response from Hunter Biden's daughter, Naomi Biden: "Actually, it appears everyone fled the scene when she started lying." (See tweet below.)

Naomi Biden, age 30, is an attorney who lives in Washington D.C. She is Hunter Biden's oldest child, and President Biden's oldest grandchild.