Mike Lindell's desperate plea as Fox News cancels all his advertisements

Mike Lindell — the former crack addict who turned his life around to become a wealthy entrepreneur only to destroy it again by becoming addicted to MAGA — shared some "very disturbing" news with his "Lindell TV" viewers — Fox News has canceled MyPillow advertising.

"We don't know why, we can only make a couple guesses," he said. "Maybe it was because Lou Dobbs was at it over on LindellTV. Just a few days ago he showed his great new interview with our real President Donald Trump. Or maybe it was because they don't want my face even on their network leading up to the 2024 election. I don't know, I don't have the details yet. All I know is the commercials have been canceled. Anything with MyPillow or Mike Lindell canceled on Fox News. Please help us to support us during this time of cancelation. I believe this is all about stopping me from talking about the election platforms and the elections. They're getting rid of my voice. This is very disturbing."

From Meidas Touch's Ron Filipkowski:

Lindell has been banned from appearing on Fox as a guest for three years now, but they were still willing to take his money and run ads for his business to their audience which was largely friendly and sympathetic to his plight. But now, Lindell has even burned that bridge. He was a true success story at one point, going from a homeless crack addict to tens of millions in pillow sales. Everything was going so well for Lindell in life up until 2016.

Then he met Donald Trump.

And now he's ruined.

Here's hoping Mike finds a MAGAholics Anonymous program and gets back on his feet.