Why MyPillow Ads Got Banned by Fox News — Mike Lindell owes them millions

Last week, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell told his devoted fans that Fox News had "canceled" him by not allowing him to advertise on the network since the middle of December. The election-denying Trump surrogate said, "we don't know why" Fox had banned him and called the move "very disturbing."

However, it's now clear why MyPillow was banned by Fox News — Lindell stopped paying his bills. He owes the channel $7.8 million. Lindell neglected to mention his overdue bill when he shared the news of his cancelation last week. Does he understand that Fox isn't in the business of giving away free ads, just as his former drug dealer wasn't in the business of giving away free crack cocaine?

A Fox News spokesperson said, "As soon as their account is paid, we would be happy to accept their advertising."

But Lindell claimed the real reason Fox won't run his ads is "because I want to secure our election platforms." That's right, Mike. Fox doesn't want your money because your love for Trump is greater than Fox's love for Trump.

Adding to Lindell's financial troubles, he hasn't paid the legal bills for his Dominion and Smartmatic defamation lawsuits and still owes $5 million to a man who proved that Lindell's election fraud evidence was worthless. 

Meanwhile, Lindell says MyPillow has been both "decimated" and is "doing great."

From AP:

Lindell acknowledged in an interview in October that he owed two law firms that were defending him against lawsuits by Dominion and Smartmatic millions of dollars that he couldn't pay, which is why they quit. He said MyPillow had been "decimated."

But Lindell insisted Friday that MyPillow is "doing great." He said it's still running ads on another conservative network, Newsmax, and on his own platforms. But he conceded that losing Fox will hurt the business and said he would run his ads there again if Fox would take them.