Cocker Spaniel shows off party trick by flipping up her ears when complimented (video)

Cocker spaniels are known for their long floppy ears. But one such pooch, a rescue dog named JoJo, learned how to turn the flop into a flip with a party trick she proudly shows off to her new human mom. (See video below, posted by amberlilly11.)

"How's the fluffy ears going?" her off-camera human asks, to which JoJo curls up her ears, looking like a canine version of Pippi Longstocking.

"Are you a lovely girl?" her human continues, prompting another flip of the ears. And on the trick goes, with the adorable JoJo lifting her ears every time she's paid a compliment.

But it turns out, her charming act is not really a "trick," but something that some cocker spaniels do hear better under all that fluff. From Newsweek:

Thanks to genetics, they can move their ears independently. A common characteristic among the breed, it enables them to access various sounds and assess their surroundings—something that would have been especially important during their early days as dogs designed for hunting.

Here is JoJo and her "amazing ears" in action: