Here's a charming if incomplete list of animals that one man brought home to his wife during their 67-year marriage

If you haven't encountered Gallus Rostromegalus' tumblr, you're really missing out and should go check it out. Gallus, a Colorado-based writer and illustrator, researches their family history and uses their tumblr, titled "Chicken Lore," to write engaging and endearing family lore. They provide this bio on their Patreon page:

Hello!  I'm a writer/illustrator form Colorado, you may know me from Tumblr's "Family Lore", or that time my mom's dog was on Buzzfeed.   I write short stories about the weird things that happen to me and my family and friends, and it can get very weird.  I also work as an Illustrator and will be adding more of my art content here as well (You thought Bread Jesus sounded funny? He looks even goofier) Thank you for supporting me!

One of my favorite posts from Gallus is titled, "An Incomplete List of Animals My Grandpa Brought Home Over the Course of his 67-year Marriage to Grandma," which hilariously describes dozens of animals that made their way into Grandpa and Grandma's lives. Here are some of my favorites:

  • The World's Ugliest Tom Cat, who turned out to be the cuddliest teddy bear of an animal
  • Cocker spaniel named "Captain"
  • Stupid, the Cat
  • Litter of baby raccoons
  • Three more cats
  • A completely bald and extremely anxious canary that sang beautifully, but only at 4 AM
  • Baby Squirrel that grew up in the house and then refused to move out
  • A bucket full of 43 goldfish left over from the fair.  Mom counted once they were all in the bathtub in the backyard with the snapping turtle.
  • Another cocker spaniel named "Major", who had the tremendous talent of eating green beans silently
  • Strange, the dog that lived under the porch and only came into the house at night.
  • An "abandoned" baby deer.
  • Spooky, an alleged dog.  
  • A Really Big Toad he found behind the factory, because the other auto workers were discussing using it for target practice.  Mr. Grumpity was guardian of the rosebed for several years and granny's (his mother) favorite animal he ever brought home.

Go check out the list of animals to see the rest! And enjoy the rest of the Chicken Lore tumblr while you're there.