Choreographers cleverly turn text tones into dance moves

Los Angeles-cased choreography duo Austin and Marideth Telenko have spent the last couple of years turning text tones into dance moves. I'm not sure how they come up with the ideas, but they're brilliant, and somehow it all totally works. I love them all, but after watching this 40-tone compilation, I think my favorites are "Bamboo," "Circles," "Synth," "Anticipate," "Glass," and "Update."

They also have a series of videos showcasing what they call "Table Dances," which consist of them dancing with their arms, heads, hands, and upper body—pretty much everything they can move, from the waist up. Their Table Dances are brilliant, too!

For more of their work, follow them on TikTok.


Reply to @krustykrustykrab We give you… the 40 tone compilation.

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