Fraud charges for Kansas couple that kept dad's corpse in home for 6 years, collecting his benefits

Mike Carroll died at 81 in 2016, a fact attested to by his pacemaker. His death wasn't known to authorities until 2022, though, and his daughter and son-in-law are on the hook for $215,000 in retirement benefits collected while Carroll slowly mummified in his bed at their home.

Family members told the Kansas City Star that the Ritters would repeatedly give them excuses about why Carroll could never take a phone call or visit while leading them to believe that Carroll was still alive.

The couple is due to appear in federal court to face several charges on Feb. 2. They didn't respond to phone and email messages from the newspaper, and court documents do not list a defense attorney representing them.

The couple also face fraud charges over checks written on the account and cashed by them. Bill Lukitch reported it out for the Kansas City Star.

The married couple, Lynn Ritter, 61, and Kirk Ritter, 61, each face one count of wire fraud and two counts of theft of government funds, according to felony information entered in the U.S. District of Kansas on Wednesday. Both were issued summonses to appear in court on the charges next month, records show.

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