Trump's incomprehensible interview causes concerns over mental aptitude (video)

Donald Trump seems to realize he is being interviewed, so he tries his best to say some words that sound like sentences.

"And you know gasoline was under $2. Now, it's very high, coming down because they're doing they're throwing everything they possibly can to get it. But right after the election, if that ever happened, and you just better hope to God it doesn't happen where he gets in, because he's destroying this country."

Actually, it's likely Trump knows exactly what he's doing, His simplistic blend of fear-mongering and appeals to his god might make little sense, but it stimulates the reptilian sub-brains of his MAGA horde.

In December Megyn Kelly, who Trump once said is "bleeding out of her whatever" much to the delight of Republican everywhere, expressed her concern over mental decline. "There's no question Trump has lost a step… Are we really going to pretend that Trump is just as vibrant as he was in 2016?"