Virginia man crashes into 3 cars, then jumps off bridge to avoid arrest

A 29-year-old gentleman in Virginia caused a four-car crash this morning while driving recklessly on the James River Bridge. But rather than face the consequences, he then fled on foot before jumping off the bridge to avoid arrest.

Lucky for him there was the Jame River below to catch his fall. But his luck ran out when, a while later, some do-gooders in a civilian boat pulled him out of the river and sent him to a hospital.

From The News & Observer:

The 29-year-old man then hit another car, causing a four-vehicle crash, police said in a news release. The man got out of his vehicle and fled the scene on foot, authorities said.

As he approached the bridge's draw, which is about 60 feet high, he spotted state police traveling in a lane of the bridge.

To avoid being arrested, he then jumped off the bridge's south side and fell into the cold waters below, police said. The temperature in Newport News hit a high of 46 degrees and a low of 31, according to AccuWeather.

The river's current carried him north until a civilian boat pulled him out of the water to safety. He was taken to a hospital, where Newport News police officers were waiting to arrest him once he was released.

Turns out the man, Kelly Golden, might have been avoiding more than just a driving-related ticket — according to police he was wanted for a felony probation violation.

This reminds me of another gentleman who tried to avoid arrest last July by opening the emergency door of a plane, leaping onto its wing, and then jumping onto the tarmac. The man in this case fled on foot and managed to hide in a food truck for half an hour before finally getting caught.