"Casey won't fly commercial": DeSantis campaign spent more on private jets than advertising

The DeSantises put on a good show of being an ordinary American family, but their disdain for the masses is evidenced by their disdain for commercial flights. In 2023, a now-defunct Florida economic development agency footed Ron and Casey's $1.6 million chartered jet bill for their one-week trade mission around the world. (It also paid $66,000 for hotels and $9,800 for meals. That's $9,000 a night for hotels and $1,400 a day for meals.)

The charming duo, who fancied themselves a fascist version of Camelot-era Jack and Jackie, continued to indulge their predilection for luxury travel during Ron's disastrous 2024 Presidential campaign.

As reported in Florida Politics:

The DeSantises developed a taste for the imperial trappings of office, and even as the campaign peasants were scrounging for kernels of grain they continued to insist on private jets and white glove treatment. Perhaps the single most shocking statistic of the campaign was that it spent more on private jets than TV advertising. This speaks to an enormous sense of entitlement and an almost pathological detachment from reality.

Here's Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson on Ron's tragic run for President: "This was always a delusion on the part of DeSantis and a sales pitch on the part of Jeff Rowe. They went through a total of about $130 million to $140 million, as far as we can estimate right now, to end up spending about $30,000 per voter they got in Iowa. They are out of money, they're out of time. They spent an incredible amount of their campaign resources and super PAC resources because Casey can't fly commercial, because she has to be on private jets. They burned through tens of millions of dollars, it looks like, on private jet travel."

To stay in the game, Ron DeSanctimonious is kissing the ring of the man who dubbed him Ron DeSanctimonious.