Elon Musk claims a ghetto pass for his antisemitism

Noted antisemite Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk continues his rehabilitation tour, claiming Jewish friends and an aspiration to be a Jew.

The New York Times shares these choice comments:

Speaking later at a conference on antisemitism organized by the association in the nearby Polish city of Krakow, Mr. Musk said he had been "somewhat naïve" about the dangers posed by anti-Jewish sentiment because "in the circles I move in, I see no antisemitism."

"Two-thirds of my friends are Jewish," he said. "I'm Jewish by association. I'm aspirationally Jewish."

This serves to point out that Elon is a really shitty friend who believes conspiracy theories about two-thirds of the people he socializes with. Visiting Auschwitz doesn't mean he learned anything.