Giant rooster scares the bejesus out of Australian weather reporter

If you need a laugh today, watch this oldie-by-goodie clip from the Today Show, Australia. The video features weather reporter Steve Jacobs reporting live from some sort of bird show, while holding a giant rooster. The real action starts at the 47-second mark—the rooster doesn't seem very happy about the whole ordeal, and starts flapping around. Steve reacts with terror, places the bird on the ground, and then runs away, screaming. The video cuts back to the studio, where the Today Show hosts are having quite a laugh.

Steve Jacobs, who is also a comedian, worked as the on-location weather reporter for Today from 2005 to 2016, with another stint in 2019. In this capacity he brought weather along with a whole lot of humor.

To see more of his hilarity, the Today Show put together a compilation of Jacobs' greatest funny moments, including the time when he was upstaged by a camel, attacked by a pelican, and wowed by a psychic bird.