Tim Scott to Trump in most cringeworthy moment of all time: "I just love you" (video)

Last month, failed GOP presidential nominee Sen. Tim Scott said he had no intention of endorsing a 2024 candidate anytime in the near future. "I said when I withdrew from the presidential race that I would not be endorsing anytime soon," Scott said on December 6th, via NBC News. "It certainly won't happen this year, if I do it at all."

Cut to just one month later — last night— where he gave us one of the most cringeworthy endorsements in primary history. (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

"You're the senator of her state, and she endorsed me," Trump first said to Scott, who was standing behind the MAGA frontrunner during his New Hampshire victory speech. Trump was, of course, referring to Nikki Haley. "You must really hate her," he said. To which Scott interrupted Trump, even taking over Trump's mic, to profess his fealty to the king.

"I just love you," Scott said, standing face to face with Trump as he gazed into his eyes. Nooooooo!!!

Blushing aside, if that's not kissing the ring — a near-synonym for "an endorsement" — I don't know what is.