Lion living large, riding around in a Bentley (video)

In Pattaya, Thailand, a lion was spotted riding around in a white convertible Bentley. Video below. It's not illegal to own a lion in Thailand but the animal must be officially registered, and this one was not.

Apparently the cub was a newly-acquired pet belonging to Sawangjit Kosoongnern who is now facing a year in prison and a 100,000 baht fine. The driver of the vehicle was a Sri Lankan man had illegally helped Kosoongnern acquire the animal.

From BBC News:

Authorities in Thailand said Sawangjit claimed to have bought the animal from a Thai man in Nakhon Pathom province, who successfully facilitated its delivery to Pattaya.

However he failed to have his facility checked by officials before doing so, which made both the transfer and ownership of the animal illegal[…]

Officials say there are currently 224 lions in Thailand that are legally owned.

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