Lauren Boebert and 5 other candidates raise hands to admit arrests on debate stage (video)

Trump created MAGA folk in his own image, as proven last night in Colorado's 4th district Republican debate, which included vapin' gropin' newcomer Lauren Boebert.

When asked who on the debate stage had been arrested — a debate question that would have been seen as ludicrous in the pre-Trump era — six candidates raised their hand. Yes six, to cheering knuckleheads in the audience. (Again, in Trump's image.)

The scandalous candidates, who are all running to be lawmakers, then high-fived each other. (See video below, posted by Chris Perez.)

Naturally, Rep. Boebert, the jailbird who recently fled in humiliation from Colorado's 3rd district after her infamous Beetlejuice incident, was one of the arrestees who raised her hand. Another was Mike Lynch, the Colorado Republican House Minority Leader whose drunk driving arrest in 2022 was just exposed on video by The Denver Post.

Of course these lightweights don't hold a candle to Trump and his 91 felony charges, but as candidates of MAGA's Law & Order party, they're off to a good start.