If you have dogs, you must pay the cheese tax

I'm a big fan of Matt Hobbs' Puppy Songs, those genius, catchy ear worms that perfectly describe life with dogs. One of my favorites is "Cheese Tax." If you have a dog, you already know that as soon as you start rustling the plastic bag of any type of cheese, the puppies come running and you have to pay the cheese tax.

Here's a sweet video that features "Cheese Tax." It stars Cleo and Abby, two very long, and very beautiful dogs. Cleo, aka "Chaos Worm" is a Silken Windhound, and Abby, aka "Void Horse" is a Borzoi. They are both super weird (in the best way), and have really funny personalities. I love watching their antics, and of course I can't get enough of their enormous snouts.

For more of Cleo and Abby, check out their TikTok. And for more videos featuring the song, check out these other adorable pups.

Here's the official video embed: