What is "Looksmaxxing", and does it work?

Have you ever wanted to look better? Maybe you don't like the size of your nose, or you want a sharper jawline, or you go to sleep every night cuddling an effigy of Cillian Murphy hoping you'll wake up with his "dark sigma male energy". Fortunately, "looksmaxxing" has you covered.

It's essentially an umbrella term for a wide variety of purportedly appearance-enhancing strategies that first popped up – naturally – on incel message boards. Everything from rock-hard chewing gum to give you better jaw definition to literally breaking your facial bones with a hammer is recommended, all for the sake of helping you look more like a "Chad". These range from pseudoscientific at best to outright dangerous at worst.

Fortunately, YouTuber Kurtis Conner put himself through a full regimen of looksmaxxing so you don't have to. Spoiler alert: breaking your facial bones won't make you look better and will, in fact, most likely have the opposite effect.

Ultimately, this all comes from a deep-seated insecurity. Extreme introverts don't need to put themselves through a torture chamber's worth of looksmaxxing routines to form connections with other people- all they need is enough confidence to take that first step.

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